Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Complete Preview for "Heirs to the Blood"

(c) by White Wolf/CCP 2009White Wolf has put the preview page for the next VtES expansion "Heirs to the Blood" online. The preview page contains:
  • complete crypt card checklist (58 cards)
  • complete library card checklist (110 cards)
  • preview of 5 crypt and 5 library cards
  • explanation of new rule mechanism and new disciplines
The most interesting part are, of course, the new rules and disciplines:
  • Research Area: Some cards may move cards to a special staging area called the research area. The cards in your research area are face down and out of play; they can be affected only by cards and effects that say so explicitly.
  • Maleficia and Striga: Two new disciplines that are only available to infernal vampires. The same way that Caitiff is not a clan, these are not true disciplines, however (so just like "Caitiff" cannot be chosen for Consanguineous Boon, Ian Forestal couldn't use his ability to meet a Striga requirement, for example, nor could Maleficia be chosen as one of the Great Beast's disciplines).
Another thing to notice is the introduction of Group 6 for (bloodline) vampires, so you cannot combine the new bloodline vampires with their cousins from Group 2 ("Bloodlines") and Group 4 ("Legacies of Blood").


extrala said...

Thanks to White Wolf for putting the preview page up even though the expansion is only due to February 3rd, 2010.

Neat Christmas present!

Manituan said...

The links of the cards are the laibon ones or are broken. I can´t see the new previews.

extrala said...

The links are broken. But you can access the preview pictures either by opening them in a new window/tab (right click on the picture) or by entering the links directly, that is:

Anonymous said...

It don't matters that there is over 1.5 to release. This expansion had its first release date long time ago so it is late.