Sunday, December 13, 2009

Poll Results: "What do you use as (blood) counters in VtES games?"

Here are the results of the latest poll what readers of this blog you use as (blood) counters in VtES games? 207 votes have been cast in the poll:
  • VtES Glass Beads -- 33 (15%)
  • Normal Glass Beads -- 114 (55%)
  • Dice -- 10 (4%)
  • Coins -- 11 (5%)
  • Poker Chips -- 2 (0%)
  • Gaming Tokens -- 5 (2%)
  • Miniature Skulls/Roses/.. -- 5 (2%)
  • Gun Cartidges -- 5 (2%)
  • M&MS -- 2 (0%)
  • Other -- 20 (9%)
As you can see most players use the "classic" glass beads (55%), if you count the glass beads produced by White Wolf, too, the numbers are up to 70%. The other choices are trailing far behind.

One question remains, what type of counters are those players using who vote for "Other"? Please feel free to enter a comment!


António said...

Being among those who voted "other", I would like to share that I use...
...glow-in-the-dark plastic beads.

Mostly because there were no glass ones for sale at the local store at the time.

Anonymous said...

My playmates [how kindergarten] have used plastic and metal necklace and/or bracelet beads (yes the tiny ones with holes you can pass a string through).

Some have also used shells, (in a pinch) tiny balled up bits of paper, 1x1 photos of themselves (yes, 50 1x1 pictures, semi-disturbing), bottle caps, washers, and those little plastic jelly looking rock things they put in plants pots or aquariums.

Marcus said...

Anonymous, that's quite the variety of stuff!

Any of them use pulled fangs? :)

Anonymous said...


Nah. Well one did used to use those smooth little white pebbles. They kind of look like teeth I guess. Maybe Midget's fangs or something hehe