Saturday, December 5, 2009

Poll Results: "How many copies of Pentex Subversion do you put into your decks?"

Here are the results of the latest poll on how many copies of "Pentex Subversion" VtES players include into their decks. 204 votes have been cast in the poll:
  • Every deck, several copies! -- 15 (7%)
  • Usually one per deck. -- 40 (19%)
  • A copy or two in the right deck. -- 113 (55%)
  • I never use Pentex Subversion. -- 18 (8%)
  • Pentex? Grrr... -- 18 (8%)
As you can see the majority of the readers make moderate use of the card (55%). A rather small minority doesn't like "Pentex Subversion" at all (16%), and a larger minority (27%) is really a fan of the card putting it in each and every deck.

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Maegnar said...

The poll about blood counters should be multiple-choise...