Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Week of Nightmares

Definition of "Week of Nightmares":

1: master card in VtES requiring Ravnos (see picture on the right).
2: a traditional week long event leading up to a Continental VtES Championship. Usual events include:
  • constant pickup games,
  • Duffin drafts,
  • regular drafts,
  • create-a-clan tournaments,
  • constructed tournaments.
(And now go and change your vote on the poll for a "Week of Nightmares" event for the EC2010!)


Joscha said...

I miss the "Yeah, great, but I cannot attend because of time-issues" choice.

seba said...

i changed my vote to "yes, of course" now. however since there currently is no play group in hamburg it should be viewed more as a if i could currently play the game at all i would want the full week and attend all of it.