Friday, August 12, 2011

Did you know, that ... (Part 72)

.. if one of your minions use a Grenade against an opposing minion in combat and the opposing minion plays a Strike: Combat Ends, the damage is not applied and the Grenade is not burned (i.e. your minion still has the Grenade)? The reason for not burning the Grenade is, that the Grenade would be burned in the Strike Resolution phase, but since the Strike: Combat Ends ends the combat, the damage of the Grenade is not resolved and therefore it is not burned.

A similar situation arises with Burst of Sunlight. When one of combatants is using Burst of Sunlight and the other is using Strike: Combat Ends, neither minion is receiving the damage from Burst of Sunlight for the same reason as above.

Reference: VtES Usenet Newsgroup.


ModernGladiator said...

Yes, I knew that... did you also know, that this is a very evil trick to play Rötschreck? Like announcing an aggravated hand strike with an escaped mental patient or a white phosphorous grenade. The patient/grenade does not burn, because the "combat ends" effect of Rötschreck intervenes.

h said...

Scratching my head a little. The Nephandus/flash grenade trick doesn´t work? I was told that you still get "blinded" by the grenade even if you play s:ce since both strikes still take effect. If this is true, shouldn´t the grenade in your example burn? The flash grenade was played this way the entire weekend during the EC in Gothenburg a couple of years ago. A popular deck at the time. A real shame if this was payed wrong in such important games.

floppyzedolfin said...

@h: the Grenade in Extrala's post is the "Grenade", not the "Flash Grenade".

"Grenade" burns when it is used (normal strike resolution), which doesn't happen when the opposing minion plays a Strike: Combat Ends (or sends the Grenading minion to torpor with first strike).
"Flash Grenade", on the other side, *is* a Strike: Combat Ends effect, so it applies even if the opposing minion plays a Strike: Combat Ends.

The decks were played correctly.

Wanderer's Counsel said...

Flash Grenade is not Grenade.

Flash Grenade is Strike: combat ends. It always resolves.

When chosen as a strike, (and it isn't prevented from resolving by Immortal Grapple or Rotschreck or another interrupting effect) it always resolves completely.

h said...

Thanks for a great explanation. Wasn´t thinking clearly. But strike: dodge would save you from the effect of the flash grenade, right?

extrala said...

Yeah, Strike: Dodge does protects against the effect of the Flash Grenade.

aaron_clark said...

The Escaped Mental Patient burns at the end of combat if it uses its aggravated hand damage, so Rotschreck wouldn't stop that from happening since "round ends" and "combat ends" effects would still occur.

extrala said...

I beg to differ. The Escaped Mental Patient does not burn when he uses his special ability and Rötschreck is played.

At least according to this Ruling by LSJ.