Monday, August 29, 2011

Did you know, that ... (Part 74)

.. that an untapped vampire who attempted to block a political action, but failed and was tapped by a Faceless Night, cannot play a Delaying Tactics?

The reason is that Faceless Night says ".. becomes tapped when the action is resolved", which effectively means "before resolving the action". So when the minion is tapped by Faceless Night, he needs to untap (or play a card that allows him to play a reaction card as untapped), if he wants to play Delaying Tactics (or any similar card that is played during the referendum).

On the other hand, if an untapped vampire is attacked using Bum's Rush, and is tapped before resolving the action (the combat) by Faceless Night, he can play Majesty or Earth Meld and is safely untapped after the combat.

Reference: VtES Usenet Newsgroup.


Prince of Lisboa said...


Does the same applies to Telepathic Misdirection?

How about if the "reacting vampire" played a OtQV/WWEF/ForcedAwa/Fillip? It states that he can play reaction cards as if untapped until the end of the action, but in your post, it seams he can't.

Am i wrong?


Isanwayen said...

OtQV/WWEF/ForcedAwa/Fillip is a fine way to get out of this disaster. As you pointed out a vampire using one of those cards can pplay reaction cards as if untapped "until the current action is concluded"

Well I thought an untapped vamp could play delaying, telep. misd., deflection etc, because I thought "when the action is resolved" means the end of the action when it is finished and not when it is about to resolve... :?

Isanwayen said...

sorry, me again^^
I think you can play deflections, but not Delaying. The reason would be that there can be played bleed modifiers before the actions resolves, so there must be a window when you can play reaction cards. Am I right?

floppyzedolfin said...

Telepathic Misdirection (and Deflection, Telepathic Counter, ..) are played before resolution, which is before Faceless Night taps the reacting minion (when action is resolved).

If the reacting vampire played a On the Qui Vive, Faceless Night doesn't shut it down, and the reacting could play Delaying Tactics (still under OtQV's effect during the referendum).