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VtES History: Lords of the Night Preview ...

On July 30th, 2007 White Wolf finally published information on the upcoming VtES expansion Lords of the Night. The general information about the expansion had already been spoiled on May 23rd, 2007, when retailers like Potomac Distribution and White Wolf had put the product into their webshops.
Lords of the Night Preview and Launch Event Details
V:TES Lords of the Night to Release September 26th

Now in its 13th year of play, White Wolf celebrates the latest expansion of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (VTES). White Wolf and the Princes of the Elder Kindred Network (VEKN) are promoting a weekend long series of tournaments and special events across the globe. Below is the basic information needed to plan your own tournament:

On the weekend of September 29th, VEKN players and Princes will team up with retailers around the world to organize a launch event for White Wolf's award winning CCG, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. Coinciding with the launch of Lords of the Night, this event will celebrate the latest expansion of one of the longest running CCGs in the market.


Vampire: The Eternal Struggle celebrates its thirteenth anniversary this year. Designed by Richard Garfield, designer of Magic: The Gathering®, VTES allows players to pit clans of vampires against one another in a mix of intrigue and action.

About White Wolf
Since its entry into the role-playing game market in 1991, White Wolf has maintained an impressive market share. With collective book sales in excess of 5.5 million copies, White Wolf is one of the undisputed leaders worldwide for publishing pen-and-paper role-playing games. Company properties have been licensed for television series, comic books, action figures, console and computer video games, coin-operated arcade games, professional wrestlers, replica props and weapons, interactive media events and myriad merchandise. In November 2006, White Wolf merged with CCP hf to form CCP North America | White Wolf. More information on White Wolf can be found at

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