Friday, August 19, 2011

Did you know, that ... (Part 73)

.. Catatonic Fear only deals a damage (after combat) when the combatants were at close range, while Oubliette forces the opposing minion to burn a blood or life also at long range? While Catatonic Fear explicitly states that the damage is only inflicted at close range, Oubliette lacks this limitation in its cardtext. Take note that this lack of limitation in the cardtext applies for Strike: Combat Ends cards for these two cards.

In general this does not apply to damage dealing strikes in combat. For these strikes the default is that strike must explicitly be able to deal damage at long range.

Here's a short overview of strikes and their effectiveness:
  • Hand Strike: default; only at close range
  • Weapon Strike: depends on the card text (of the weapon)
  • Destroy Equipment: depends on the card text
  • Steal Equipment: depends on the card text
  • Steal Blood/Life: depends on the card text
  • Dodge: both at close and long range
  • Combat Ends: both at close and long range
See also section 6.4.5. Strike Effects of the VtES Rulebook.

Reference: VtES Usenet Newsgroup.


Silmegil said...

To my knowledge steal blood/life also depends on the card text:
A) Theft of vitae - Strike: ranged. Steal 1 blood.
B) Tongue of the Serpent - Strike: steal 1 blood.

Serazahr said...

Check Menele's Special when merged, it is steal blood as a strike, but as far as I know it only works at short range.

extrala said...

You're both right. Strike:Steal Blood is dependent of the card text.

As LSJ has put it:
"Steal blood" is not intrinsically non-ranged.
"Go to torpor" is not intrisically non-ranged.
"Hand strike" is non-ranged.