Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gelsenkirchen VtES League 2011: August 24th

Here I wanted to show you the decks of the Gelsenkirchen VtES League 2011 from the meeting on August 24th, 2011.

Left: Thomas played a classic Ventrue Lawfirm (G4/5). As during the whole year, he suffered from bad seating. Both his predator and prey had more votes than the rest of the table. Although when Kinner (his grand-predator) put his predator's Korah (a priscus) into torpor, it was looking temporarily better, but then Kinner ousted Zille (Thomas predator) quickly, and Thomas' two Ventrue (and his already very low pool) were easy prey for the rushing Animalism weenies/midcaps.

Right: Martin had a somewhat bad start with his Brujah Obf/Pre Vote deck. He put Dimitra in play, and pulled off most of her blood with a Villein. Dimitra then spend some blood and was forced to hunt, which was in turn blocked by Ralf's Magaji (his prey) and put to torpor. This was repeated for a couple of turns, but in the end Martin put more titled Brujah in play and he was able to oust Ralf, especially since he finally drew his stealth cards and Sudden'ed two Villeins Ralf tried to play.

Left: Ralf played a Magaji Animalism Wall deck, who started quite well, since both his predator and prey didn't intercept any of the equip/employ actions. But his prey, Kinner, was a though nut to crack since both were playing Animalism combat, and Kinner had a slight advantage, since all of his vampires had superior Animalism. In the end Ralf weren't able to put enough pressure on his prey and was ousted by Martin as described above.

Right: Kinner played a copy of the Nana Buruki Animalism Rush deck (a.k.a. 12-card-library-deck). After an initial backrush which proved that both combatants have an (almost) equal access to combat mojo, he turned his eyes on his prey. Round after round he hammered down his prey Malkavian antitribu vampires (using Deep Song - Carrion Crows - Aid from Bats) which had no resistance to offer. So eventually Kinner had torporized all of his preys vampires and ousted Zille with ease.

Left: In the first place, Zille and his deck, a Malkavian antitribu Stealth Bleed deck, looked like the first one to gain a VP. But when his minions got torporized again and again (Ralf rescuing a few inbetween), he was only able to put down his prey, Thomas, on one pool.

After both Zille and Ralf had been ousted, Thomas was ousted within two (or three) turns by Kinner by putting the two Ventrue vampires to torpor. So the table timed out, giving Kinner the game win.

Result: Kinner 2.5 VP GW, Martin 1.5 VP

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