Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Announcement "Ebony Kingdom Frankfurt" VtES Draft Tournament

A special VtES draft tournament named "Ebony Kingdom Frankfurt" will be held in Frankfurt a.M., Germany on December 30th, 2011.
  • Date: December 30st, 2011
  • Place:
    Trianon Hochhaus
    Mainzer Landstr. 16-24
    60325 Frankfurt am Main
  • Format: Non-Sanctioned Draft Tournament
  • Rounds: 2 rounds + final (each round 90 minutes only)
  • Timetable
    Registration: 18:00
    Draft: 18:00 to 19:00
    Round 1: 19:15 - 20:45
    Round 2: 20:45 - 22:15
    Final: 22:15 to 23:45
  • Entry Fee: 1 EUR + 2 EUR for each booster
  • Content of the Draft (possibly subject to change):
    3x Ebony Kingdom,
    2x Legacies of Blood,
    3x Third Edition
    40 cards is the minimum library size (no recursion), 8 cards minimum crypt size.

  • Special Rules:
    • There are one copy of three extra cards which are placed in the middle of the table and can be acquired (by taking an action). See the sample cards (possibly subject to change). Update: New versions of the cards have been uploaded!
    • Each players may also include 3 Aye and 3 Orun as addition to his 40+ card library. The Aye and Orun added this way don't count for the minimum number of 40 cards of the library.


extrala said...

Post Scriptum: Changes to the cardtext of Lore of the Wise are already being discussed in the German VtES forum.

Brandonsantacruz said...

Yeah, it was probably meant to have the phrase "you control" in there, otherwise why steal it?

Joscha said...

Cards changed. I hope this time they're okay :o).