Monday, November 14, 2011

Results EC 2011: European Championship (Day 2)

Copied from are the results from the European Championship (Day 2) tournament that was played during the VtES European Championship 2011 on November 11th, 2011 in Warsaw, Poland. 40 players participated in this EC tournament, the standings after 3 rounds and the final were as follows:
1. Otso Saariluoma (FIN) -- 1 GW 6 VP -- 1.5 VP -- Nana/Nanglia Were Ani/Pot Rush Combat
2. Enrico Di Stefano (ITA) -- 2 GW 5.5 VP -- 0.5 VP -- Tremere Antitribu Rockcats/Embraces
2. Milan Horvath (HUN) -- 1 GW 5.5 VP -- 0.5 VP -- Malkavian antritribu(?) Obf/Pre Vote
2. Marcin Watras (POL) -- 1 GW 5.5 VP -- 0.5 VP -- Anson Cel Gun w/ Ashur Tablets
2. Izaak Havelaar (NED) -- 2 GW 5 VP -- 0 VP -- Malkavian feat. Tryphosa Bleed/Vote
Congratulations to Otso for winning the European VtES Championship 2011. More information to follow. A similar transcript as for the EC Day 1 Finals will (most likely) be posted for the Day 2 tournament on as well.


Izaak said...

Did you get decklists for day 2 or do you want me to send it?

extrala said...

I didn't got the decklists. So I'd be happy if you sent me your decklist. I would enter it into Secret Library and link it.

Octagon said...

Will there be decklists forthcoming for all of the EC days?

extrala said...

I sure hope so. Last year I personally got all of the decklists and could type them up myself.

This year is a bit different:
* There were only decklists required for the Day 1 and Day 2 tournaments.
* The organizers wanted to put up the decklists by themselves.

Joscha said...

I wonder why does Izaak doesn't play Malkavian Network? It is the perfect decktype for that card.

Izaak said...

The same can be said for an Enkil Cog, which I just didn't think about.

I'm not too fond of Madness Network in this deck (I tried it), but you just can't defend it. Also, with every bleed costing a blood and every untap costing a blood you'll end up empty way before you can make an oust.

The idea is not to nuke your prey and get a fast VP. The idea is to grind him down and let him do your work (ousting his prey) for you. It plays a bit like a grinder in that respect, it just trades the combat for poolgain and Parity Shift.

There should have been a Cog in there though, but it was in my triple A deck that Paul played on the FCQ and I only own one :)