Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's a Bird .. It's a Plane .. It's Windham

As seen during the Day 1 tournament during the VtES EC 2011 in Warsaw, Poland:
It's not an Una deck, but very similar using Gerald Windham instead. According to the player who fielded the deck, it needs about 30 to 35 minutes for the setup, then bleeds for 16. twice each round! One time on the player's own turn and then on another player's turn (using Enkil Cog).

Post Scriptum: The Disarm on Gerald is not part of the decklist!


Radiodevin said...

I built one very similar. It didn't bleed for that much, but it was a combat beast. I would use Talbot's Chains Saw with Ponticulus to take the damage and kill every minion on the table pretty quickly. What is the clan that this deck impersonates?

extrala said...

I haven't seen the decklist. My guess is Akunanse for the Reliquary: Akunanse Remains.

MS said...

The original plan was CI for Lasombra, then Camarilla Vitae slave to gain 1 Cap for Enkil Cog.
That also gives me a Lasombra for Baltimore Purge.But not one player at the EC had a CVS with him for me to borrow.
So CI Akunanse for R:Akunanse Remains
to gain 1 cap and +1bleed

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting decklist?

Volpenera said...

It was Schumacher decklist right?
I kill Gerard with terror frenzy, crow and bat's ^^.

extrala said...

Yeah, it's Martin's deck. And he complained about the Terror Frenzy killing his deck .. ;)