Thursday, November 17, 2011

EC 2011 GW & Timeout Statistics

The organizers of the EC 2011 (thanks Marcin!) were so kind to give me the Archon ExcelSheets containing the tournament results from the EC 2011. I have collected/aggregated the different game win types (i.e. gamewin with 5 VPs, 4 VPs, etc.)

LV 1 1 3 5 5 15
LCQ 8 23 28 8 20 87
Day 1 5 17 23 12 18 75
Day 2 0 3 6 5 10 24
FCQ 4 7 23 9 28 71
SUM 18 51 83 39 81 272
AVERAGE 6,62% 18,75% 30,51% 14,34% 29,78%

For better comparison here are some graphs for the different tournaments:

To draw any conclusion is rather hard. For that I would need more data from previous European Championships. But in my opinion the number of games without game wins especially for the FCQ qualifier.

The percentage of timeouts (which does not necessarily mean there wasn't gamewin):
  • LV -- 53,33%
  • LCQ -- 21,84%
  • Day 1 -- 38,67%
  • Day 2 -- 54,17%
  • FCQ -- 49,25%

The number of timeouts during the Legendary Vampire & Day 1 tournament are (in my experience) is what you can expect when such a number of high quality players (and decks) are present, I find the number of timeouts in the Last Chance Qualifier and even more so in the First Chance Qualifier rather high. Without having seen the contents of the decks I wouldn't attribute it to excessive table talk, but the bloat capability of the decks (i.e. the use of Villein). I would be nice to actually have the average number of Villein (or similar cards) in the decks.


Hakuron said...

... but there was a lot of (sometimes overexcessive) table-talk, though ...

Juggernaut1981 said...

Yeah some players I know (who probably weren't at the EC) have caused a 'time out' in social games because they want to horse trade every last vote even when they can already pass it on their own.

Brandonsantacruz said...

Do we have any stats on previous ECs to see if this high number of time-outs without game wins is new or more of the same? People haggling too much is just par for the course.

Izaak said...

I only have my own anecdotal evidence that I personally saw MORE gamewins happening than the previous years. I guess a fair few of those are of the the 2,5 VP timeout type, but still...

extrala said...

Currently I am trying to put together the statistics from the ECs 2010 (Paris) and 2009 (Palma de Mallorca).