Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Fan Based VtES Expansion in Development by the V:EKN

During the VtES European Championship 2011, the chairman of the VEKN, Johannes Walch, made a brief announcement regarding an upcoming VtES expansion in 2012. Today on he gave more details on this upcoming expansion. In particular he stated:
    • There will be a new, fan-made set created by the V:EKN.
    • There is a development team within the V:EKN. Members may or may not disclose their membership.
    • The set will be 20-30 cards in size.
    • The targeted release is 2012, no exact date known yet.
    • The cards will be tournament legal for constructed tournaments, just like any other set.
    • The cards will have to be printed out in color on standard paper, cut out properly and stuck in sleeves before an original V:TES cards.
    Gines Quiñonero is the art director. If you are an artist and want to contribute or if you are a layout wizard please contact him.
    Robert Goudie, the V:EKN marketing director will update you with more information in the coming months.


    Ossian said...

    Requiring sleeves is a bad idea. Some players do not like using sleeves, for a variety of sensible reasons.

    Is there no other VEKN-acceptable way to proxy
    the new cards?

    Cry Wolf said...

    @Ossian: I am not a copyright expert, but printing the same amber/green marbled backgrounds as the current cards may be a copyright issue.

    Juggernaut1981 said...

    I was hoping that there would be some kind of online pay-per-print system so I could get cards of near-identical quality to the previously printed VTES cards.

    Izaak said...

    If we're to use printed/glued cards the only way to go about it is using sleeves.

    Anything other than that will lead to marked cards. In fact, I played around a bit with pieces of paper glued to VTES cards and even inside a sleeve they are slightly thicker to the poinnt where I can see the difference. This will be an issue in the future...

    Anonymous said...

    So does that mean older cards will be "proxied" as wel? or only the new expasions?

    Since that could cause havok with the value of people's collections.

    Ossian said...

    Obviously there is some legal grey area to getting the cards printed on cardstock, especially with "proper backs". I just feel that it's not fair to require all players to play with sleeves from now on whether they like it or not.

    And yes, it seems like if you required the proxies to be sleeved, you'd have to require _every_ deck in a tournament environment to be sleeved now, because an unsleeved deck would mark the fact that no new cards were being used.

    Anonymous said...

    more than the amber/green background. There is a all copyright infringment in making a set since VEKN is an organisation and it does not have the licence to use all the systems.