Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Did you know, that ... (Part 80)

.. that you can play Seduction on one of your own vampires. This has very little practical value, other than card cycling. But imagine a situation where one of your vampires (with Enkil Cog or Madness Network) is taking actions during your prey's turn and one of your vampires has a Temptation (from your prey) which could possibly switch control during the action and your vampire can be become a blocker to your own action.

Reference: VtES Usenet Newsgroup (LSJ20060519).


Szabolcs said...

Hi, could you make a menu tag for "Did you know that, ..." I think its a very usefull topic.

extrala said...

Actually there is already one. One the left side scroll down to the "Label" section, then select the "Did you know" link.