Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aftermath of the "Friday 13th" Storyline Event

The results and aftermath story of the "Friday 13th" storyline event have been posted by Brum in the Usenet Newsgroup. The tournament of this single-event storyline has been played during the VtES European Championship 2009 on November 13th, 2009 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

The tournament (and the storyline) was won by Pedro Luis with his Toreador Auspex/Celerity deck feat. "Anneke" & "Masika" as his key minions. As Brum wrote in his post:
In the end, the Toreador chose to protect Claudio Severino, keep secret the existence of Saulot and the release of Tremere. By protecting and silencing Claudio Severino, the Toreador helped conceal a plot by Tremere himself to control both sects, unknown to them. In exchange, the Tremere dropped the secret feud they had with Anneke that caused her early removal from Justicar in the 19th century, thus making her eligible again for the future. Too bad for her Gehenna came a few months later.
You can find the complete Friday 13th aftermath story on the VtES Storyline Event website or directly on the Friday 13th Storyline website.

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Tiago Brum said...

I greatly recomend the Aftermath Story in the Storyline Website.
It was done by the winning player and it is a great example of how to put in a Story the major events of a VtES game.