Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bochum VtES League 2010: January 15th

Here are the decks of the Bochum VtES League 2010 from the meeting on January 15th, 2010 (prey is from left to right, from top to bottom):

Left: Ralf played a Legacy of Pander deck with Malkavian antritribu support, but lacked the final punch after a Conservate Ag. got DIed.
Right: Alan Sovereign & friends was Didi's choice to play. Initially he had problems after Neighbour John got Pentexed, but recovered quite well afterwards.

Left: An old school Tremere toolbox deck was fielded by Markus. He had got a bit cautious after one of his minions went to torpor (courtesey of his prey).
Right: Michael played Ventrue antribu Bruise & Bleed deck, which had a very slow start, and only got going minutes before the timeout.

Left & Right: Hardy played a Toreador antitribu Breed & Boon deck. The deck had an Black Hand angle with cards like Black Hand Emissary" and "Watchtower: Wolves Feed". He ousted Sascha's deck quickly, but had problems passing his votes because of the "Legacies" in play.

  • Hardy's initial prey was Sascha, who played his big cap Malkavian Bleed deck (no picture) but got ousted fast, after influencing his second minion (Lutz) out.
  • Yes, Didi's deck featured several(!) Bang Nakhs. And no, it wasn't a starter based deck.
  • The table ended with a timeout, with Hardy the only one scoring more than 0.5 VPs.

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