Wednesday, January 20, 2010

VtES Pre-Release Tournament "Heirs of the Blood" in Bochum

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle - Tournament
"Heirs of the Blood" Launch Event: Bochum, Germany

Sunday, 07 February 2010
Doors open 12:00 h -- (Pre-registration required!)
Start draft 12:30 h
Start first round ca. 14:00 h
Zu den Vier Winden
Hofsteder Str. 94
44809 Bochum
Round system:
3 rounds, no final (time limit: 2h each)
Starter & Booster Draft (min. 12 crypt cards, 60 - 90 library cards)
  • 1x Heirs of the Blood starter – Gargoyle, Kiasyd, Salubri antitribu or Samedi
  • plus 4x Heirs of the Blood boosters,
  • plus 1x 3rd Edition booster
  • plus 1x Keepers of Tradition booster (exact quantities to be confirmed)
Entrance Fee:
~17,- EUR
The location is a pub, so you may not bring your own food and drinks.
Pre-registration is required! Please pre-register via email to me or a post in this thread in the German VtES forum.
Gerhard "Hardy" Range
Prince of Bochum

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