Sunday, January 3, 2010

Storyline Event "Battle Lines" Announcement

An announcement for the next VtES Storyline Event named "Battle Lines" (in spring 2010) can be found on the VtES Storyline website. It says:
It has long been foretold that when the Antediluvians rise their descendants will be recalled to meet their founders. On that day the children of the ancients will be consumed, driven mad, or destroyed. But what of those vampires who through tricks of time or manipulations of the blood have no single Antediluvian they call their progenitor? What of the bloodlines?

Emissaries of the Bahari have approached the bloodline elders. They bring dark warnings and a message of hope. The bloodlines have a chance to survive the coming cataclysm. But they must renounce the father of their kind and swear allegiance to Lilith, the Dark Mother. They are faced with a terrible choice. Do they heed the warnings and join the servants of Lilith? Or do they remain true to all they have known and remain loyal to Caine? Faced with these choices debate, subversion, and civil war breaks out among and between the bloodline clans. They must choose which side they are on. The Battle Lines are drawn.

Remark: The Lilins (or "Bahari" as they call themselves) are dozens of small, disparate cults that worship their Dark Mother, Lilith. The book "Revelations of the Dark Mother" discusses the Bahari at length.

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