Friday, January 22, 2010

VtES Battle Arena: Sample Decks

Here are some more sample decks for the VtES Battle Arena format. There are capacity five and six vampires, but remember only to matchup vampires of the same capacity:


Prince of Lisboa said...

Even though it is just an example, you choose "Terror Frenzy" as one of Callirus's cards.

It is supposed to be banned by rules.

Anonymous said...

For the Callirus deck, isn't Terror Frenzy banned?

mondragon lasombra said...

how works this one?

cap 6 Jalal Sayad pot CEL QUI

Selective Silence (set range cost1)
Concealed Weapon
Bundi (cost2+1)
Silence of Death (first strike cost1)
Inmortal Grapple
Strike at the true flesh
Baals Bloody Talons


extrala said...

Yes, the "Terror Frenzy" slipped in accidentally, because most of the examples are from the german VtES forum about 2 years ago.

The eaxmple deck "Jalal Sayad" deck has two flaws in my opinion, the cards cost too much blood, and you do nothing about damage prevention. But I am not saying it cannot win ...

Anonymous said...

Vaclav Petalengro. Apparition 3, Disarm, immortal graple 2, Mayaparisatya

alf said...

Some tech-savy could/should program an application for this. Doing it via forum software always felt really clumsy to me.
Hmmm, on thinking more about this, it COULD be possible to do it on JOL (if you are or have an admin) or even WTES.
BTW: Why no bigger caps?

extrala said...

Why not bigger caps? Technically it's possible, of course, but 5 and 6 capacity vampires seem to have the best ratio between the damage they can take (not too much), the cards they can play (not too many) and the cards they can afford (not too many).