Monday, January 18, 2010

VtES European Championship 2009 Videos

The videos of the three major tournaments of the VtES European Championship 2009 have been uploaded by the organizers (Damnans & friends)
  • EC 2009: Last Chance Qualifier Final Round:

  • EC 2009: Day 1 Final Round:

  • EC 2009: Day 2 Final Round:

Please take note, that these are only five minutes previews of the full footage, which is between 1:03h and 1:51h. You can download the full videos (each at least 1 GByte large) following the instructions on the website.

The videos are also available (thanks to Myrdin) using the following torrent link:
Download with the torrent program of your choice.

1 comment:

Kyabetsu said...

Thanks for the links.

Ouch, that's some serious usage of Parmenides in the beginning of the fitst vid! Way to go!