Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poll Results: "Deck of the Year 2009"

After having presented twelve decks of the month in the past year, I have asked you to pick the Deck of the Year 2009. 299 votes have been cast in this poll. Please observe, that the initial choice of these decks were driven not by any wanna-be-objective-here motivation, but by my (likely flawed) preferences for originality of deck design, for audacity to play such a deck in a tournament environment or for the skill to pilot such a crappy deck to the tournament win (or final).

So the winner for the Deck of Year 2009 is Martin Major (HUN) with his "Broken Brujah" deck. Congratulations to Martin for building and winning with this deck. Unfortunately for Martin, there is no actual prize support for this "award" other than your five minutes of fame. Here are decks that made it the top three of the list:
  1. Broken Brujah by Martin Major (HUN) -- a bruise & bleed deck based on the G4/5 Brujah and the "Alastor" vote.
  2. Anson, Volker & Ashurs Tablet by Marcin Watras (POL) -- a very toolboxy Prince decks with Ashurs Tablets as recursion engine.
  3. Girls will find inner peace by Adam Esbjörnsson (SWE) -- Inner Circle feat. Cybele bleed deck with a multitude of master cards.
The complete results of the poll look like this:
  1. February 2009: Broken Brujah by Martin Major (HUN) -- 77 (25%)
  2. June 2009: Anson, Volker & Ashurs Tablet by Marcin Watras (POL) -- 56 (18%)
  3. December 2009: Girls will find inner peace by Adam Esbjörnsson (SWE) -- 32 (10%)
  4. November 2009: Undead Army by Joerg Alten (GER) -- 18 (6%)
  5. May 2009: Cogwork Brussel by Sebastian Meurer (GER) -- 18 (6%)
  6. October 2009: Laibon Rule the World by Michael Heyder (GER) -- 16 (5%)
  7. July 2009: Ninja Parade by Jesse Cross-Nickerson (USA) -- 16 (5%)
  8. January 2009: Diary of a Mad Love Song by Greg Williams (USA) --15 (5%)
  9. March 2009: Guillaume Powerbleed by Tomasz Pietkiewicz (POL) -- 14 (4%)
  10. August 2009: Tyebot's Chainsaw by Johannes Walch (GER) -- 14 (4%)
  11. April 2009: Team Africa by Ira Fay (USA) -- 12 (4%)
  12. September 2009: Mata Hari shifts you! by Pauli Kiova (FIN) -- 11 (3%)


Sorrow said...

Wow, is it any shock that a deck that had a number of high value and high power rare cards came out on top? The cards making up the 10 actions are exceptionally rare and come out to be approximately USD210 on the secondary market. Throw in the Heart and you're looking at approximately USD230. This is definitely not a deck your average player can even hope to ever be able to build.

Johannes said...

I am very surprised that Team Africa scored so bad, I found it to be quite interesting.