Thursday, January 28, 2010

Allies with Rush Capabilities

Similar to the list of vampires in VtES who can enter combat with another minion, there's a similar list for allies. Surprisingly most these allies can enter combat with another minion, and only one minion's rush capabilities is restricted against a specific clan. On the other hand, for the allies it's far more important what the cost to recruit and/or restrictions to put them into play are, then the restriction with whom they can enter combat. The list includes allies up to and including "Ebony Kingdom".

Name Cost Stats Clan Restriction
Amam the Devourer 2 pool 3/2/0 Followers of Set
any minion
Cry Wolf -- 3/2/0 Anarch any minion
Escaped Mental Patient 2 pool 1/1/0 Malkavian antitribu
any minion
Herald of Topheth 3 pool 5/3/0 Baali any minion
High Top 4 pool 3/1/0 Ahrimanes any minion
Muddled Vampire Hunter 2 pool 1/4/0 Malkavian any vampire
Nephren-Ka 3 pool 5/2/0 Followers of Set any minion
Order of Hermes Cabal 4 pool 2/0/1
any Tremere
Ossian 3 pool 4/2/0
any vampire; +1 stealth
Remnant of the Endless Storm 6 pool 5/1/0 Magaji any minion
Renegade Garou 5 pool 3/2/0 Gangrel any minion; +1 stealth
Rock Cat 4 pool 4/3/0 Gargoyle any minion
Shambling Hordes 3 blood 3/0/0 Necromancy any minion
War Ghoul 3 pool 5/4/0 Tzimisce any vampire
Wendell Delburton (Hunter) 3 pool 3/0/0
any minion

Stats of the allies are life/strength/bleed.

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