Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vampires with Rush Capabilities

Among all the vampires (and Imbued) available in VtES, there is a small group of vampires (40 out of 1304 = 3.1%) which have the ability to enter combat with another minion with the help of special ability (cardless). The list includes allies up to and including "Ebony Kingdom". But the range of ability to rush is quite wide. I have split these abilities in 5 categories:

The best ability is to rush any minion (vampire and ally), so there's really no restriction on who to rush. This is the reason why Beast and Theo Bell are so popular in rush combat deck. Pariah and the Tupdogs are even younger vampires, but require special decks to put them work properly.
NameCap.DisciplinesClanEnter Combat Restriction
Tupdog1POT VISGargoyle:3any minion
Pariah6OBF PRO pot preAbominati:2any minion
Beast, The Leatherface7OBF POT ani cel!Nosferatu:2any minion
Talbot7ANI NEC PRO forGangrel:5any minion; burn master card; +1 stealth
Theo Bell7POT cel dom preBrujah:2any minion
Bakr8CEL OBF QUI dem proAssamite:5any minion; burn 1 blood; +1 stealth
Ellen Fence8CEL OBF PRO aus!Gangrel:2any tapped minion by prey/pred.
Gustaphe Brunnelle8ANI DOM POT obfNosferatu:4any minion by prey/pred.
Hrothulf8CEL FOR PRE dom pot proVentrue:3any minion; burn Edge
Uta Kovacs8AUS DOM THA ser!Tremere:4any minion
Black Annis9OBF POT ani pro!Nosferatu:4any minion by prey/pred.; +1 stealth
Nangila Were9ANI POT PRE obf serGuruhi:4any minion
Enkidu, The Noah11ANI CEL OBF POT PRO for!Gangrel:4any minion

The second best category are those vampires who can rush other vampires. This excludes allies, especially the Imbued, but adding "Break the Code" helps when Imbued are to be expected with this flaw. These vampires can be still be center of a rush combat deck.
NameCap.DisciplinesClanEnter Combat Restriction
John Cop90 O'Malley4jud venImbued:4any monster
Langa5VAL for!Salubri:4any vampire
Tariq, The Silent7AUS FOR OBF QUI celAssamite:2any vampire
Massassi9AUS CEL POT QUI obfOsebo:4any vampire
Wynn10ANI FOR PRO obf potGangrel:1any vampire by prey/pred.; +1 stealth

The next two categories are not really usable as the only source of rushes, because the rush actions are either restricted against vampires of a specific sect and/or younger vampires.
NameCap.DisciplinesClanEnter Combat Restriction
Shiloh Marie, Vengeance6ANI FOR PROGangrel:5any younger vampire
Amelia7CEL POT PRE!Brujah:2any vampire with cap. below 4
Ebanezer Roush8ANI OBF POT proNosferatu:1any vampire with cap. below 4; +2 stealth
Jeremy MacNeil (Adv)8AUS POT PRE cel chiBrujah:3any younger vampire by prey/pred.
Ignazio Giovanni9DOM FOR NEC POT obfGiovanni:3any vampire with cap. below 7
Jacques Molay9CEL POT PRE obf val!Brujah:4any ally or younger vampire
Roxanne, Rectrix9AUS DOM FOR OBF potMalkavian:1any vampire with cap. below 4 by prey/pred.
NameCap.DisciplinesClanEnter Combat Restriction
Fergus Alexander3pot proGangrel:5any tapped Sabbat
Redbone McCray6AUS PRE cel pro!Toreador:4any younger Camarilla vampire
Adonai7AUS VAL for!Salubri:2any Camarilla vampire
Karsh10ANI CEL FOR POT PROGangrel:3any tapped non-Camarilla
Lucinde, Alastor10DOM FOR PRE obf pot thaVentrue:3any non-Camarilla vampire

The final category are comprised of those vampires who can rush vampires of a specific clan (or an special ally type). These abilities are just gimmicks, which are only significant in one game out of 500.
NameCap.DisciplinesClanEnter Combat Restriction
Anka, Priestess of Thorns4ani chi proRavnos:2any Lasombra
Janni5cel for obf quiAssamite:4any Follower of Set
Radeyah6CEL pot preToreador:2any Follower of Set
Ferox, The Rock Lord7FOR POT VIS aniGargoyle:2any Nosferatu; +1 stealth
Faruq8ANI PRO dom for potGangrel:2any Assamite
Count Germaine8CEL FOR POT PRE obfBrujah:4any Toreador
Lady Zara Slatikov8ANI AUS OBF VICTzimisce:4any Baali
Salinger9CEL POT PRE tha!Brujah:2any Lasombra/Tzimisce
Kemintiri10OBF PRE SER THA aus domFollower :2any Ventrue
Joe "Boot" Hill7CEL QUI for obfAssamite:4any werewolf ally; +1 stealth


aaron_clark said...

Wynn's rush only works on vampires of predator or prey.

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Gustaphe Brunnelle rush only works on vampires of predator or prey.