Friday, January 1, 2010

"Heirs to the Blood" Artwork Preview

Quite a number of pictures/artworks from the upcoming VtES expansion "Heirs to the Blood" have surfaced on different websites. Here's the current account of them:


Prince of Lisboa said...


I presume you meant "Gift of Sleep"
and not "Bliss" on Heather Kreiter list.

extrala said...

Right, of course. Again, too much cut-n-paste ..

Öliver said...

omg, why Ken meyer Jr again? whyyyyyyyyyy?

Why players dont complain about his art as they did with Shy, i mean Shy is a master illustrator, Ken is not bad but he commits a lot of mistakes and his art feels rushed always...

I wil do my own illustrations this time.

Thanks for share this.