Friday, January 8, 2010

Poll: Deck of the Year 2009

After having presented twelve decks of the month in the past year here's the inevitable poll for you to pick the Deck of the Year 2009 (see sidebar on the right). Please observe, that the initial choice of these decks were driven not by any wanna-be-objective-here motivation, but by my (likely flawed) preferences for originality of deck design, for audacity to play such a deck in a tournament environment or for the skill to pilot such a crappy deck to the tournament win (or final).

There is no actual prize support for this "award" other than your five minutes of fame.

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extrala said...

I wanted to add that the decks are not necessarily "invented" or played first by the player listed. Often other players had the original idea, but the player on the list brought it to my attention, usually by winning a tournament.

For example, the "Girls will find inner peace" deck was first played by a finnish player named Teemu Sainomaa, and the "Anson, Volker and Ashur Tablets" is from the hungarian player Peter Korsos. At least as far as I know ..