Friday, September 14, 2007

Being LSJ

ICL came up with this hillarious conversation in the UK forum about LSJs inner dialogue when designing the "Ravnos" vampire "Durga Syn". Read the full thread here.

[LSJ.1] Why don't you give Durga some votes?
[LSJ.2] To hard to become an anarch which would waste all of those disciplines. I'd piss off millions of anarch lovers.
[LSJ.1] You could make Orpheus happier if you gave Durga Necromancy.
[LSJ.2] Then he might notice how good Chimerstry is when you don't pay full cost for it and would want highly flexible Necromancy cards ... with no cost.
[LSJ.1] Durga seems to be lacking flight.
[LSJ.2] Does anybody even remember what any of the flight cards do anymore?
[LSJ.1] She could be a 12 cap.
[LSJ.2] Without PRE? Are you insane? Uh, don't answer that.
[LSJ.1] Durga is a good choice for one of those win in one turn decks. You know, turbo, et al. You should give her FOR, a capacity increase when she's in play, and NEC. And, the ability to play Baali cards.
[LSJ.2] What makes you think she can't win in one turn? Besides, the text box font would be so small that no one would know that she would combo with every card in the game.
[LSJ.1] Aren't people going to hate the game because of cards like this? Won't Durga doom the game?
[LSJ.2] I keep trying, but they keep playing.
[LSJ.1] Local 1111?
[LSJ.2] Should be played by !Trem with Rutor's Hands to see if it doesn't suck. But, Eric Chiang keeps travelling.

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