Monday, September 3, 2007

Definition of a Dance

In the internat. Newsgroup John Flournoy wrote down a nice description of the "Darby Dance" term/combo, which describes a type of an Imbued deck which uses the combination of "Vigilance" and "Leatherjacket" to untap multiple times during a turn. John's description was as following (with minor copyedits from my side):
The "Darby Dance" Imbued deck uses a bunch of "Vigilance" and equipment, including typically a "Leather Jacket" and a "Laptop Computer".
  • Imbued #1 bleeds with "Strike with Conviction" for 3 and untaps w/ "Vigilance".
  • Imbued #2 takes the equipment, untaps w/ "Vigilance".
  • Imbued #2 bleeds with "Strike with Conviction" for 3.
  • ... Repeat until all Imbued have taken the equipment, untapped w/ "Vigilance", and bled.
  • Imbued #1 finishes by taking the equipment back. At turn end, all Imbued doing the above untap from the "Leather Jacket".
  • Repeat every turn, over and over....

To futher accelerate the deck the events "Edge Explosion" and "NRA PAC" can be used, where "Edge Explosion" is more useful, since the Imbued effectively do not spend any Convictions for the Dance.

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extrala said...

Please note that "Edge Explosion" has been banned since the original post in 2007.