Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Lords of the Night": Preconstructed Deck "Assamites"

Here's the deck list -- copied from the Presence Forum -- of the "Assamite" preconstructed deck of the "Lords of the Night" expansion. After some back and forth in the "Presence Forum" the deck list is now complete (and hopefully correct):
Deck Name: "Assamite" Starter Deck (Lords of the Night)
Created By: L. Scott Johnson
Description: "Assamite" Preconstructed Starter Deck from "Lords of the Night".

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 14, Max 40, Avg: 6,33)
2x Evan Rogers cel qui, 3 Assamite
2x Bertrand d'Anjou aus cel qui, 4 Assamite
2x Layla bint-Nadr qui CEL OBF, 5 Assamite
2x Kashan obt pre CEL OBF QUI, 7 Assamite
2x Dimitri Borodin obf AUS CEL NEC QUI, 9 Assamite
2x Thucimia for pro CEL DEM OBF QUI, 10 Assamite

Library: (77 cards)
Master (10 cards)
1x Frontal Assault
1x Haquim's Law: Judgment, The
1x Market Square (w/ new art)
2x Path of Blood, The (w/ new art)
1x Quietus
1x Tadijd
1x Underworld Hunting Ground (w new art)
2x Vessel

Action (14 cards)
4x Clandestine Contract
2x Flurry of Action
1x Haquim's Law: Leadership, The
1x Khabar: Glory, The
3x Loss
1x Song of Distant Vitae
2x Web of Knives Recruit

Action Modifier (3 cards)
2x Deed the Heart's Desire (w/ new art)
1x Mask of 1k Faces

Reaction (11 cards)
3x Black Sunrise
2x Foul Blood (w/ new art)
1x Lost in Translation
2x Nest of Eagles
3x Rooftop Shadows

Combat (25 cards)
1x Baal's Bloody Talons
3x Gemini's Mirror
2x Khabar: Honor, The (w/ new art)
4x Pursuit (w/ new art)
4x Scorpion's Touch
4x Selective Silence
1x Shadow Feint
3x Taste of Death (w/ new art)
3x Weighted Walking Stick

Equipment (2 cards)
2x Garotte

Political Action (1 card)
1x Free States Rant

Event (1 card)
1x Dragonbound

Combo (9 cards)
3x Blood Awakening
1x Provision of Silsila
2x Resist the Earth's Grasp
3x Swallowed by the Night (/w new art)

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