Friday, September 7, 2007

"Lords of the Night" Preview #5: "Lorenzo Detuono"

(c) 2007 by White Wolf Inc.The 5th preview of the VtES expansion "Lords of the Nights" is the Giovanni "Lorenzo Detuono". Another redlist vampire, .. is this going to be a "Red List" expansion, or what?!?! Though I kinda like the special ability (although it is somewhat costly), I do not like the concept of this type of vampires that much. This is a vampire where you need to build a deck around, in most other decks you will have to special care of him due to his redlist status. So essentially you are building a "Lorenzo"-deck, and his usefulness in all-purpose decks is diminished. In contrast to "Jamal" (#3 in the LotN-Preview), "Lorenzo" didn't have the greatest of combination of combat abilities. Yes, he has superior "Potence", but the rest is combat-wise average at best. So in order to avoid hitback, you might to include "Fast Reaction" (he has inferior "Auspex"), or might want to make "Lorenzo" an Anarch in order to play "Status Perfectus". With one of these cards another Giovanni might block an opposing minion, play "Spiritual Intervention" to end that combat, and "Lorenzo" hits back in the resulting combat with "Breath of Thanatos" where the opposing vampire is not allowed to strike back. Another possibility is to play a "Blessing of Chaos" on "Lorenzo" first to avoid the opposing vampire playing a "Majesty" or "Coma". To give him a better chance of survival also "Proxy Kissed" comes to my mind, giving "Lorenzo" the "Fortitude" discipline and thereby access to damage prevention cards.

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