Monday, September 24, 2007

"Lords of the Night" Preview #15: "Marcia Felicia Licinia"

The 15th and last preview card of the VtES expansion "Lords of the Night" is the "Ravnos" vampire "Marcia Felicia Licinia".

A quite interessting vampire, she has two votes and can dodge as strike (which costs a blood) each combat, so quite usable. Her discpline combination is also quite nice, one of the few vampires with superior "Thaumaturgy" and "Fortitude", the later allowing her to multi-act via "Freak Drive" quite easily. She has potential ...

With the preview finished, the checklists are also completed. These are the bare numbers:
  • Total of 64 new vampires; each of the four Independent clan gets 16 new vampires.
  • The rule of thumb is that the vampires in the starters are Group 4, those only in the boosters are Group 5.
  • 50 Rare, 40 Vampires, 10 Uncommons, 50 Common cards are in the boosters.
  • The starter-only-card is "Vessel" -- the "new" "Blood Doll" -- but appears twice in all of the preconstructed decks.

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