Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Lords of the Night" Preview #4: "Target Hand"

(c) 2007 by White Wolf Inc.The 4th preview of the VtES expansion "Lords of the Nights" is "Target Hand", the first card showing use of the new "Aim" keyword. Some people in the internat. newsgroup have argued that the card is kind of weak. I would have aggreed, if the card would cost blood or would require a discipline, but being a discipline-less card I rather like the card (at least in the first place). Other already pointed out, that it combines well with "Trap" and that it can played by the usual bunch of disciplines-less minions, like vampire small caps, Imbued or other allies. Play it with a bunch of weenies, rush some poor fellow, play "Trap" + "Target Hand" in the first rurn. If the opposing minion doesn't do more than 2 hand damage and cannot play combat or press-to-end, he's quite probably going to torpor, and your weenie vampire did take just one lousy damage. I call it a bargain ...
I mean, the card isn't "uber", but there is no requirement, I repeat, no requirement.

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