Thursday, September 27, 2007

Using "Lords of the Night" in "Duffin Draft"

In our local playgroups we have tried to use the "Lords of the Night" boosters for the "Duffin Draft". After a little experimentation, we decided to use actually the "Double Duffin Draft" rules (that is instead of just one booster used for drafting, two are used) and 15 starting pool.

The reason for this was, that with only one booster, there are too few coherent "decks" you can play ("Chimerstry", "Necromancy", etc. are not that common among the independent clans), you end up with one or two vampires who cannot play 80% of the cards you have in your 8 card deck. Also instead of 3 vampires in a 3rd Ed. booster, the LotN boosters frequently has only 2 vampires and 1 uncommon card instead. The reason for the 15 pool is the fact that the average capacity of the vampires are much, much higher than in 3rd Ed. With 15 pool you can play high cap and maybe a low- to midcap vampire in addition without being ousted immediately by a mere +1 bleed at +1 stealth.

We already had quite some fun with this kind of drafting:
  • A "Reckless Agitation" threatens to kill most of the table, only to be thwarted by an "Army of Apparitions".
  • The mummy "Nephren-Ka" is played, just to be converted into an animal retainer by "Set's Curse".
  • Two players are trying to steal vampires from each other, because both of them are playing "Revelation of Ecstacy".
You can find a summary of the Duffin Draft rules here! So don't open up your LotN boosters alone, share the fun with friends.

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