Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rant: Even the basics are missing ...

In the internat. Newsgroup Ben Peal observed that there is no news/post/whatsoever about the beginning of the preview of the VtES "Lords of the Night" expansion on the White Wolf website. For heavens sake, no wonder nobody notices the game, when even the publisher himself does not give any notice of it on its own website!!! This is what Ben Peal wrote:

"To whom it may concern,

Do you think you could put mentions of the Lords of the Night preview page on the main White Wolf website page and the main V:TES website page? Do you think you could send a message to the Princes forum about how one runs a release event? 3 weeks to go...

- Ben Peal, US National Coordinator"

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extrala said...

After some more ranting in the newsgroup, White Wolf finally decided to put up the info on their website more prominently.

This is what Oscar Garza wrote on the internat. newsgroup afterwards.
Sorry guys, I've been running around at shows and some things slipped.
I'm all caught up now.

I'm investigating a new Conclave solution that should be much much better. The NAC reminder and banner plus LotN preview and such are plastered on the WW/VTES page. The announcements for next year's EC
and NAC are forthcoming.

I'm here, I care, and I'm not going anywhere.

Working hard for you,
Oscar Garza