Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Staple Nine" in VtES

When I made the list of the "Power Nine" cards in VtES a couple of days ago, I got some feedback, that these weren't the really powerful cards. Instead it would be common ones everyone uses in his decks. e.g. the "Blood Dolls" and the "Weighted Walking Sticks". To some extend I agree, but on the other hand, it would be as if you were calling "Counterspell", "Plains", "Mountains", etc. in "Magic: the Gathering" the most powerful cards. In a way they are, since they form the foundation of the game, and, yes, they do often decide whether you're gonna win or lose a game, but these cards are staple cards, which put into your deck often 4+ times.

Anyhow, before posting the "Power Nine" for VtES I already a parallel list in mind, what I now call the "Staple Nine":
  1. "Blood Doll" / "Minion Tap" -- basic blood/pool management
  2. "WwEF" / "Forced Awakening" / "On the Qui Vive" -- untap as reaction card
  3. "Deflection" / "Telepathic Misdirection" -- staple for bleed bounce
  4. "Delaying Tactics" -- cancel any vote (though only for a turn)
  5. "Wash" / "Sudden Reversal" -- cancel any master
  6. "Freak Drive" -- untap as action modifier
  7. "Govern the Unaligned" -- pool gain or bleed action
  8. "Majesty" / "Earth Meld" -- untap as combat card
  9. "Kine Resources Contested" / "Conservative Agitation" -- basic PA for every vote deck
I have grouped some of these cards together, as they provide a similar (if not the same) effect.
Runner-ups would be cards like "Conditioning" or "Embrace" (and similar). And don't take this list to seriously, it's "just another stupid list"(tm).

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