Saturday, September 8, 2007

Power Nine in VtES

To quote the Wikipedia: "In Magic: The Gathering, the Power Nine are nine rare cards that were printed early in the game's history and are widely regarded as excessively powerful and arguably the most powerful cards in the game." After I read the article about the P9 on the Wikipedia, I had to come up with a list of the most powerful and sought-after cards for VtES too (of course).
  1. "Direct Intervention" -- can cancel any minion card in the game.
  2. "Heart of Nizchetus" -- an incredible card drawing machine and cheap.
  3. "Dreams of the Sphinx" -- also a card drawing machine, although not permanent.
  4. "Protect Thine Own" -- burn any non-Camarilla vampire in the game.
  5. "Carlton van Wyk" -- a cheap, resilient blocker with a built-in +1 intercept.
  6. "Powerbase: Montreal" -- a pool generator with no requirements.
  7. "The Parthenon" -- two master phase actions a turn.
  8. "Anthelios, the Red Star" -- exchange any master card from hand with one from your ash heap.
  9. "The Unmasking" -- +1 intercept to all allies.
I did put those cards in this list, which make into a lot decks (also often due to a lack of requirements), and/or their effect is either very strong, or often alter the course of a whole game. I didn't put cards into it which are tied to a particular clan ("War Ghoul", "Week of Nightmares") or those banned ("Succubus Club", "Kindred Restructure"). Often the above mentioned cards (with the exception of "Anthelios") make up the most valuable cards at EBay, although they are by far not as costly as MtG's P9.

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